Snitz to Phpbb2 Convertor


This convertor was initially written for Snitz v3.1 -> phpBB2 RC1 conversion, but later it was upgraded and now it works for Snitz v3.4.03 to phpBB 2.0.6 conversion.

[Update]: Starting with version 1.7, the convertor is compatible with phpbb 2.0.19. For earlier versions of phpBB use earlier versions of the convertor.

- Snitz 3.4.03 MySQL database
- phpBB 2.0.6 MySQL database
- 15 free minutes

  • The convertor can be found here: Write me an email ( if you have problems with the conversion.
  • Previous versions:
    How to import:

    Step 1:
    First you have to do a clean installation of phpBB 2.0.6, because my scripts will alter only some of the tables (phpbb_categories, phpbb_forums, phpbb_users, phpbb_groups, phpbb_user_group, phpbb_posts, phpbb_posts_text and phpbb_topics);

    Step 2:
    Empty these tables:

    Don't delete them, only empty :).

    Delete from phpbb_users all entries EXCEPT the first one (Anonymous user). You can use this sql query (if Anonymous user has -1 for user_id):

    DELETE from phpbb_users where user_id > -1

    (yes, I can empty these tables myself but maybe somebody will not read these instructions before running scripts)

    Step 3:
    Now you have to make proper changes in config.php file (database name, username, password, table's names).

    Step 4:
    -posts.php (RUN THIS BEFORE RUNNING topics.php)

    Step 5:
    Somebody must be administrator :) so you have to change the 'user_level' field from 'phpbb_users' table. Default value is 0. Change it into 1 and that user will be administrator.

    Step 6:
    In the last versions of Snitz most likely the passwords are encrypted and my convertor can't decrypt them and encrypt in phpbb style (the encryption function is not reversible). So, if you experience this problem (can't logon) just use password recovery function and you'll get a new one. Advise all your users to do the same :).

    Step 7:
    Logon as administrator and run Resync on all forums (from Configuration Panel, Forum Admin then Management).

    Step 8:
    Actually, that's all!

    The last problem:

    You will notice that the topics are not sorted in the right order, more precisely, the topics with no replies will be on top. To fix this you have to modify viewforum.php and replace this line:

    ORDER BY t.topic_type DESC, t.topic_last_post_id DESC


    ORDER BY t.topic_type DESC, p2.post_time DESC


    If you want to convert from an Access database (.mdb) you can:
    - use MySQL ODBC driver to convert it to a MySQL database or
    - use a program called AccessDump to convert a .mdb file into a sql dump file.


    You can send me bugs or questions at

    Raluca Musaloiu-E.
    March 24, 2006

    last update: March 24, 2006 (version 1.7)